Netbiter — How it works

Connect a Netbiter gateway to your equipment in the field. Monitor and control it online in Argos. Easy as that!

Netbiter Remote Management — Access your field equipment online


How can you make sure that your remote machinery is operational without expensive service trips?

With a Netbiter gateway and the Argos cloud service, you can track performance, get alarms if something is wrong, and even program your equipment from anywhere.


The results

Substantially reduced costs for service and better control of your equipment —  from day one.


Get your equipment online in minutes!

Connect a Netbiter gateway to your equipment

A Netbiter communication gateway connects to your equipment in the field (via Modbus, EtherNet/IP or CAN).

The gateway sends data via the mobile phone network or Ethernet to the Argos data center in the cloud. All data is encrypted.

Take a look at the Netbiter communication gateways

EC300er Serie

Manage your site in the Netbiter Argos IoT cloud

Once the Netbiter is connected and switched on, it will automatically start to send data to the Argos IoT cloud. At you can build graphical dashboards which present live data from your field equipment. 

  • Visualize your system — you easily add gauges, meters, indicators, etc. to your dashboard.
  • Drag and drop live parameters into your graphical display
  • Configure alarms when certain thresholds are met.

See what you can do in Netbiter Argos
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