Manage field equipment online!

Netbiter enables you to remotely monitor and control field equipment. Get full insight from anywhere!

Connect a Netbiter gateway

The Netbiter connects to your equipment and securely sends data via Ethernet or cellular communication.

View and control online

Log in to Netbiter Argos to supervise your equipment, get alarms or even troubleshoot online.

What you can do with the Netbiter & Argos

View and Control

View and Control

Included with your Netbiter gateway

  • Monitor one machine or system
  • Online dashboards, trend graphs and alarms
  • Start or stop equipment remotely

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Manage and Analyze

Manage and Analyze

Subscription-based service.  

  • Manage multiple sites, machines or users 
  • Report generator
  • API integration into your own business system

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Get started!

VIDEO: How to set up Netbiter to monitor a fuel tank.
A remote management service ready in 7:17 minutes! 


  • Check the weather at HMS HQ in Sweden
  • Operate a power generator (don't worry, it's a simulator)

Netbiter & Argos — part of
Ewon Remote Solutions

Netbiter is a part of the eWON remote solutions offering from HMS. The offering includes Remote Access, Remote Data, Remote Management (Netbiter) and Remote Networks.


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eWON remote solutions

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