Remote monitoring and control of Power Generators

Power generators (gensets) may not run often, but when needed it is critical that they perform properly. However, a high percentage of gensets in the field do not start when needed.

With the Netbiter remote management solution, you can:

  • Ensure that the generators start when needed.
  • Reduce on-site visits.
  • Get instant access to generator status and alarms.
  • Keep track of your generators via GPS to protect them from theft
  • Choose from any genset vendor
Any genset vendor:
- ComAP
- Woodward
- FG Wilson
- Basler
- Cummins
- Kohler
...and many more
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  •  Gateways
  •  Dashboards
  •  Argos API
  •  Accessories

How it works
The Netbiter remote management solution for power generators is unique since it is an all-in-one solution including communication gateways, secure hosting servers and a web user interface.

A Netbiter gateway connects to the power generator using a serial, Ethernet or I/O connection. The gateway sends information via the Internet or the mobile network (GSM/GPRS/3G) to the cloud-based Netbiter Argos data center.
secure gererator access

By accessing Netbiter Argos at, you can monitor all power generator parameters, statuses and levels from a regular web browser. Trending tools (dashboards) are available to analyze recorded data and alarms are sent whenever a critical event occurs in the field.

Netbiter gives you full control of your generators and even allows you to perform a remote test by starting the generator in the field.

You can:
- Check fuel levels — see when it's time to refuel
- Check oil pressure
- Check battery status
- Check water temperature
- See the current and generated power output
- Direct alarms to go to the correct service staff
- Track generators via GPS
- Detect perimeter breach or fuel theft

Vendor independence
Netbiter Argos is a vendor-independent remote management solution for gensets. From the same system, it is possible to connect gensets equipped with controllers from all leading vendors.

DSE, ComAP, Woodward, DEIF, FG Wilson, Basler; Cummins

Fast ROI and quick deployment
With Netbiter, the cost of a communication gateway is normally less than the average cost of a service visit which makes for a quick return on investment (ROI). In addition,with built-in support for the most common genset controllers, Netbiter ensure you are up and running in no-time.
Download genset device templates >>

Safe data transfer
The data sent from the power generator is encrypted on both sides of the Netbiter Argos data center.

Connect and go!

When installing Netbiter, you simply connect the Netbiter gateways and leave the site.

Once the electrical installation is completed - all configuration can be made from the office.

HMS offers serveral versions of the EasyConnect™ gateways depending on your communication requirements.

A Netbiter gateway connects to the Power Generator using a serial or Ethernet based communication link using protocols such as Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP, SNMP, etc. or via an I/O connection. The gateway sends information via the Internet or the mobile network (GSM/GPRS/3G) to the cloud-based Netbiter Argos data center.

No IT hassles
Netbiter EasyConnect gateways uses IT-friendly technology for secure access to the Power Generator. Data is sent mobile GSM/GPRS based communication networks or via the Internet. The gateways eliminate the need for public and fixed IP address, VPN tunnels and expensive M2M-specifc SIM cards

Read more about Netbiter EasyConnect gateways

Visualization through Dashboards
Information stored on the remote Argos™ server can be presented in a standard web browser or integrated with other applications for monitoring or logistics.

You quickly create graphical displays, customize reports and set up functions which provide access to the data stored on the server.

A configuration can be packaged as a preconfigured profile that can be deployed to sites in the field. The profile contains a common user interface so that information is presented in the same way for all sites.

Read more about Netbiter Argos dashbards and services

Genset dashboard
Power generator dashboard

Integrate Netbiter Argos API with your own internal systems
Through the Netbiter Argos API (Application Programming Interface), you can bring data from field installations into applications such as logistic applications (e.g. planning of fuel transports), report tools, websites, etc.


Netbiter Argos API makes it possible for you to create custom-designed web interfaces for the end user. You can focus on the user experience while the Netbiter Argos handles the collection of data from your equipment within the base station.

Netbiter Argos API can also be used to import data to other systems to refine the data and combine it with data from that system. 

What can the API be used for?
  Retrieve an available list of remote field applications and the corresponding configurations, such as
   available parameters.

  Retrieve logged data stored in the Netbiter Argos database.

  Retrieve information regarding current alarm status and alarm history.

  Read / Write data to the field application (requires Netbiter Argos Premium subscription)

Which API should I choose?
The operation API will be available for both SOAP and REST. Our recommendation is to use the REST API. The reason for this is:
  Easy to use
  No toolkits required
  Multiple response formats

The SOAP API exists if your organization uses SOAP APIs in other applications and you feel that it is the preferred way to integrate with other systems.

Online access to DC power and temperature

The Netbiter Power Monitor is an easy-to-use and inexpensive solution for monitoring power and temperature in your installation. It is ideal for a wide variety of applications such battery packs or renewable energy sources.

Designed for industrial applications, the DIN-rail mountable Power Monitoring Extender can be connected to other Modbus equipment in a multi-drop installation topology.

The Netbiter DC Power Monitor comes with a HALL sensor and a temperature sensor.


Ultrasonic Fuel Sensor

The ultra-sonic sensor is suitable for almost all kind of diesel tanks no matter what kind of shape it has. The installation process is extremely fast since the calibration is done over the web when doing the commissioning.

This would mean no hassle with a need to know how much fuel is inside the tank or a need to fill up the tank to get the correct calibration. Due to the encrypted communication with the sensor it is very hard do manipulate the values and any kind of tampering with the sensor will send an alert directly.

Thanks to the extremely good accuracy the sensor will be able to detect very small changes in the tank. A theft alert can be sent out when someone is trying to steal even very low quantities of fuel or if the genset is having abnormal fuel consumption.

With the build in fuel management functionality in Netbiter Argos you will also now how much diesel that was filled in and the exact time and date for it, as well as the entire inventory of fuel, estimation when it is time to fill up etc.